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The Town of Whitehall

Middletown, DE

Location: 933 Lorewood Grove Rd.
Price Range: $549,900
School District: Appoquinimink
Model Hours: By Appointment

For most folks, a new home comes as part of a subdivision. The idea of a town, the American small town, isn’t something we think much about. Maybe it’s a pleasant image from a bygone era. A remnant of better days, found only in memory.
Once upon a time, though, town was the place where everything came together. Daily needs were met within a block or two. Children ran and played and explored with little care for what came next. Paths crossed. Friendships, families and businesses grew. And everyone, both young and not-so-young, found a place to call their own.
That sounds like something due for a comeback. Not by giving up on all the great things we have today but by restoring some of those we’ve left behind. A best-of-both-worlds place for real people in the real here-and-now, where experiences of all sorts are just a short walk away.
That’s what we’re building.
Whitehall will be a place that honors and caters to everyday life, with new homes and businesses of all types and sizes on friendly, tree-lined streets. Where a stroll down the block will take you just about anywhere you need to go. To school. To friends. To canal trails. To the park. To stores and offices at just the right scale and character for our emerging town.
It’s all coming together.
Whitehall is more than just a dream. It’s more than an idea. It exists as real property with a detailed master plan, together with a team of people working to make it happen. It exists in the form of partnerships among companies and institutions looking to play a role, and in the desires of everyday people looking for a better place for a real town — to call home.
A new standard of living is coming to Delaware. The mixed-use, new home community of Whitehall. 

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